Rich Kids of Instagram : News I have a squad full of savages, it wasn’t always l…
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Rich Kids of Instagram : News I have a squad full of savages, it wasn’t always l…

Rich Kids Spotted


I have a squad full of savages, it wasn’t always like this though. A ton of people always ask me, how to find people like @teamjetset to hang out with. These people didn’t just pop up in my life. You ATTRACT what your BECOME. If you want great people around you, you must become great first.⠀
It took a lot of sacrifices. Here are 3 tips you need to understand to become great.⠀ ⠀
1. Work now, play later. I’ve missed so many of the “hottest parties”, skipped out on a lot of lunches and have flaked on a lot of dates because I’m too busy building myself right now. Put in the hard work now and enjoy the LONG-TERM benefits later. It’s all about LONG-TERM. That’s why there has been points in my journey where I invested my whole bank account but didn’t sweat it because I had 1000% belief level that my success would come in the end.⠀

2. Believe in yourself. Successful people don’t see or even know what limitations are, they see opportunities. Get over any negative self thinking and don’t look to anyone else for approval. When others say “You can’t” respond with “Watch me”. I promise you when you do what people say you can’t it is the BEST feeling in the freakin’ world. It all starts with small actions and it will translate to big actions! 1000% Belief!!⠀

3. Never EVER EVER give up! The average millionaire goes bankrupt at least 3.5 times in their lifetime. Failure is an event, not a person. It will NOT KILL YOU! If you ever feel like giving up just think about all the people you need to prove wrong. Personally for me, I used to tell everyone I knew and announce publicly what my goals were. I know must people say “hustle in silence” or “don’t tell people what you are doing” but at the same time if you tell people you are 7x more likely to hold yourself accountable! Imagine telling everyone you ever knew you were going to lose weight but then you got fatter… You would feel like shit! Same thing with your business and other goals. Hold yourself accountable and do what you say you are going to do.⠀

These are real life Squad Goals. ⠀

Comment “SQUAD” letter by letter and I’ll choose a winner to hook up with a Team Jet Set serial entrepreneur shirt and a follow back👇🏼💸